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Retaining Wall

retaining wall is an easy and beautiful way to make your landscaping or hardscapes stand out, and really enhance their appearance. By having our Kansas City landscapers design and install a retaining wall for your backyard, or perhaps your entrance, you will be putting in place the foundation for a stunning property for decades to come.

A retaining wall will make your property stand out
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Retaining Walls Green Acres

There are a number of landscaping companies in Kansas City, but we are confident that we are one of the only ones around who deliver consistently high-quality results for affordable rates. We’ve got nearly two decades of experience in the industry, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers to show for it. Give us a call and see for yourself; we will do a great job on your home or business!

A retaining wall will make your property stand out
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Retaining Wall Construction

We can design and build a retaining wall to complement absolutely any setting or style of property. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a personalized oasis in your backyard, or a business owner looking to create a more professional and unforgettable property, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re thinking of installing a retaining wall at your home or commercial property, there are a few options you have. All of our retaining walls are custom-built for each client, so start thinking of what you’re going to want to see on your property. These are some of the most common materials we use to make our landscaping walls:

Stone - a stone retaining wall is a stunning feature on just about any property. They can be done to look rustic to match a Kansas City-themed setting, or elegant, such as a granite wall. Since granite is incredibly heavy, these walls can hold immense weight, and are ideal for properties that have a large section of land to divide and hold off.

Concrete - concrete retaining walls are man-made and therefore readily available in nearly any color or style you could want. They are also usually one of the most affordable materials we can use, and are often budget-friendly.

Retaining Wall Design Ideas

Some of our clients in Kansas City use retaining walls to hold back their driveways, their stairways, or their patios and decks. Others will have a stone retaining wall running through their backyard to separate the pond or the garden off from the children’s play area.

If you have a steep bank or different heights throughout your lawn, retaining walls can be installed to separate them off and make it not only more aesthetic, but much safer, too.

If you have another hardscape on your property, such as a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, or an outdoor living area, you can surround those with a retaining wall, either above the height of the ground, or below. In this way, your outdoor living space can either be raised up, to make it the focal point of your yard, or it could be lower than the wall. In the latter scenario, the concrete or stone wall can even be made into a seat for extra guests or occupants.

No matter what you’re looking at doing for your home or commercial property, call us to get our estimate on it first. We have provided consistently great work for decades now, and are prepared to give you exactly what you’re looking for, at a fair price.

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We are experts with retaining wall design and installation in Kansas City and the surrounding municipals. Our landscaping company has been in business since 1998, and we’re ready to put our experience and our talent to work for you! Whether you have a residential, municipal, or commercial property, our team is ready to make it stand out from the rest. Call us to schedule your free consultation today!