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Erosion Control

Projects that are positioned on a slope or are too steep for equipment may require an alternate method to prevent erosion. For a project with these demands, Green Acres uses an Erosion Blanket such as Curlex or a straw mat which provides quality erosion control. Erosion blankets are made of a biodegradable material tailored to your specification and size. Developed to control soil erosion, an Erosion Blanket enhances vegetation establishment and conforms to any land contour. Ideal for slopes, hillside stabilization and drainage channels, an Erosion Blanket installed by Green Acres can provide the necessary protection.  Serving the Kansas City area.

Silt Fencing

An effective erosion control product used by Green Acres is Silt Fence. Made of a woven Geo-Textile, DOT approved fabric.

The most cost effective choice for erosion control.  Able to handle large amounts of water and silt. Erosion control practices are important! Green Acres is committed to each job and is aware of the importance of keeping each project within local, state and government regulations so that your investment is protected. Keep your project in compliance with proper erosion control with Green Acres.  We currently are serving the entire Kansas City metro area.  

Other Erosion Control Services

Along with silt fence and erosion blanket we also provide.
      * Straw Wattles     * Inlet Protection     * Temp. & Permanent Seeding     * Straw Mulching

Service Areas:
Kansas City, Shawnee, Lenexa, Misson, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Olathe, Mission Hills, Fairway, Merriam, Bonner Springs, Basehor, Lansing, Stillwell, Johsnon County, Wyandotte County, Leavenworth County.